Beauty Pageants Today

Beauty pageants began in 1921 and were followed by ‘Little Miss America’ in the 1960s, which was originally for thirteen- to seventeen-year-olds. By 1964 an age division was created following an increased response from participants, and the modern child beauty pageant was born in the late 1960s. Get more information about fashion old navy coupon.

These days most pageants have differing guidelines, criteria, events and rules. Contestants may be asked to take part in a huge variety of events, including talent, writing skill, modeling, interview, evening wear, sportswear and swimwear – competing for a diverse range of prizes. They may be critiqued on attributes such as poise, capability, individuality or confidence in order to gain scholarships or grants or win prizes such as tiaras, trophies and even cash.

Contestants may decide to enter a “natural beauty” style pageant or a “high glitz” pageant depending on what is right for them.

Most parents who enter their children into beauty pageants do so because they believe that it may boost self-esteem and confidence or teach them additional skills such as public speaking. Many of the children enjoy pageants because they like the attention, the opportunity to perform on stage and of … Read More

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Whatever You Do, Just Dont Run!

I know I have copied the exact title of Peter Allison’s book. But since this post is about his book only, I couldn’t find a better and more apt title than what I have already used. It is not every day you come across a good book written on wildlife safaris but when you do, your desire to wander across the jungles gets higher with every chapter. “Whatever you do, just don’t run” is one such book. Allison has poured his decade long experience of operating wildlife tours package in this humorously written memoir.

 Every guide has thousand stories to tell about jungles, animals, expeditions, superstitions, dreams and nightmares. The job might seem repetitive but the beauty lies in the stochastic nature of work. A guide might be trailing the same path every day, chasing the animals in the same zone or exploring the same jungle, but his day is always different than the previous one. This book tells how amusing that experience can be on one hand while being emotionally drenched on the other but one thing you will definitely notice about the writer, he is in love with animals and nature. This love gets reflected throughout the book … Read More

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Capitalizing On the Web Design

Having a website has now become mandatory for a business identity. Earlier the competition among the businesses was restricted to the market but now it has reached to the homes of the buyers through the internet. This implies that the website should be armed with each and every trick to convert the visitor into a buyer. Some of the prominent reasons for getting a website design done by a professional web designer LinkHelpers Inc and realizing its true potential are as follows.

Customer Service:

It is no longer a seller’s market but the buyer’s market. The buyer has to be provided not only with the product or service but has to be offered after sales service to retain him/her as a brand loyal buyer. The better and quick the customer service, better is the customer satisfaction and this helps the business to not only retain the current buyer but also reap the referral market.


If a buyer goes to a business and is not comfortable at buying what is being offered just because he/she cannot afford it, it could cause embarrassment to the visitor. On the contrary if the prospective buyer visits the website and logs out without buying … Read More

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