Beauty Pageants Today

Beauty pageants began in 1921 and were followed by ‘Little Miss America’ in the 1960s, which was originally for thirteen- to seventeen-year-olds. By 1964 an age division was created following an increased response from participants, and the modern child beauty pageant was born in the late 1960s. Get more information about fashion old navy coupon.

These days most pageants have differing guidelines, criteria, events and rules. Contestants may be asked to take part in a huge variety of events, including talent, writing skill, modeling, interview, evening wear, sportswear and swimwear – competing for a diverse range of prizes. They may be critiqued on attributes such as poise, capability, individuality or confidence in order to gain scholarships or grants or win prizes such as tiaras, trophies and even cash.

Contestants may decide to enter a “natural beauty” style pageant or a “high glitz” pageant depending on what is right for them.

Most parents who enter their children into beauty pageants do so because they believe that it may boost self-esteem and confidence or teach them additional skills such as public speaking. Many of the children enjoy pageants because they like the attention, the opportunity to perform on stage and of course the ‘dressing up’.

If you feel that beauty pageants could be a positive thing for your child then you need to decide which kind is going to be most appropriate. Natural pageants are becoming more popular and promote a more natural approach to the overall look of the contestants. They avoid the use of spray tans, false teeth, full makeup and manicure and instead have a more ‘age-appropriate’ outlook. They can be a great place to start for those who are considering entering beauty pageants.

Natural pageants can give your child a feel for performing and help you to decide if this has been a positive experience for you both, or one that you both wish to pursue. Another benefit of natural pageants is that they are often far less expensive to take part in than the ‘high glitz’ variety. Hair stylists, make-up artists, pricey pageant dresses and other outfits are unnecessary, therefore leaving you able to enjoy the experience without breaking the bank!